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Every year Black Friday Sales just keep starting earlier and earlier! I’ve rounded up all my picks so far and will continue to update every day as Friday and Cyber Monday approaches. I hope y’all find this useful, so you can limit your time searching through all the sites and spend more time eating/ hanging with your loved ones! There are some really good finds this year! Words in BOLD are the clickable links! HAPPY SHOPPING!


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Do we need a planner? Live band or DJ? Can we just have In n Out cater? Fancy rehearsal dinner or laid back in our back yard? That costs how much?! Is it too late to elope? These are just a few of the questions Richie and I have been asking ourselves since getting engaged. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking! Like most girls, I have been gathering inspiration for as long as I can remember, but actually making the final decisions can be tough. Thankfully, there are a ton of resources for brides-to-be!

My number one resource over the past few months has been WeddingWire. WeddingWire not only connects engaged couples to over 200,000 event merchants, they also offer services such building your wedding website, tools to track your budget (Richies favorite), access to forums where you can chat with other brides, and the list goes on and on. As a bride to be, it is so easy to get lost in all the noise of other peoples recommendations and all the resources out there. Once I found WeddingWire, I felt like I could finally start to enjoy the wedding planning process!

A lot of you guys have been asking how wedding planning is going and if I will be documenting everything on my blog. The answer is yes! I will be posting mini updates every few months along with vlogs for when we tour venues, when I try on dresses, and much more. I feel so blessed to be able to document and share this incredible time in our lives. Richie and I are still in the very early stages of planning, but heres what we know so far…

1. The wedding will take place October 2019 in Southern California overlooking the ocean

2. In n Out will definitely be making an appearance

3. We both want a live band but they are pretty pricey, so we are going to check out a few and then decide!

4. The decor will be a mix of traditional and rustic. Think long distressed wood tables centered around a checkered dance floor with hanging chandeliers and flowers/candles everywhere

5. We will be married by a pastor and reciting traditional vows as well as writing our own

6. I have yet to try on wedding dresses but I know I want long sleeves!

7. The wedding ceremony and reception will both take place outdoors

8. We want to keep it around 100 guests

9. We’ve narrowed down photographers but still need to make the final decision for both the wedding and our engagement photos!

10. My fiancé, Richie, has been so supportive on everything and calm! I have been beyond overwhelmed, but he has been so helpful and patient. He truly is my better half!

So as you can see, we still have a long way to go! We both have the exact same vision, we just have to start making final decisions and putting down payments on everything. Thankfully, we have some time so we don’t feel rushed. I have a new found respect for brides who plan their wedding in under year haha!

Thank you so much for all of your well wishes and for joining us on this journey! If you are a fellow bride to be or a wedding vendor yourself, then I highly recommend checking out WeddingWire! You can create a free account here! My first step was creating a wedding checklist. Every time I check something off, I congratulate myself with a laaarggeee glass of wine! 😉 Here are links to all their social media channels….

Instagram @weddingwire 

Facebook @WeddingWire

Pinterest @weddingwire

Twitter @WeddingWire 

We can use all the tips and recommendations we can get, so please leave them in the comments! As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by and you can read our Engagement Story here! xoxo


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If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen that Richie and I spent a month in Europe this past summer! Neither of us had traveled to Europe (I hadn’t even been out of the country), so needless to say we were ecstatic! We traveled to France, Italy, and Germany. We were celebrating Richie graduating dental school, moving to a new city together, and best of all…getting engaged! (Read our engagement story here! )It truly was a trip of a lifetime.

I will be posting travel guides to all the cities we visited, but I had to start in the South of France. You hear about the French Riviera being one of the most luxurious and breathtaking destinations, but nothing does it justice. It is simply paradise.

We chose to stay in Nice because it is centrally located, easy to fly into, and more budget-friendly compared to surrounding cities. I recommend flying into Paris, exploring the city for a few days, then flying or taking the train into Nice. From Nice, you can travel to Monaco, St. Tropez, Cannes, Antibes, St Jean Cap Ferrat, and Eze in no longer than an hour (sometimes two with summer traffic).

Hotels in this area can be pricey, so we stayed in an AirBnB. It was the best decision! We felt like true locals in the heart of the central square and saved a ton! If you are visiting between late June through the end of August, then be sure to book early as these places go quickly. The only drawback to an AirBnb is that most of them do not have air conditioning. But hey, you’re in the French Riviera!  Don’t spend more time inside than necessary! Our flat was on the corner of Rue de la Liberte and Avenue Jean Medecin. Surrounding us were restaurants, live music, cafes, and shopping. I highly recommend finding a place to stay in this location!

So without further chatting, let’s get to the good stuff…


Wayne’s Bar

Closest thing to an American bar. I know what you are thinking. Why travel half way across the world for the same food you have in your own back yard? Well let me tell ya, sometimes you just want a juicy cheeseburger and fries! This place has classic bar food such as chicken wings, nachos, and mozzarella sticks! The food is delicious, the customer service was on point, AND they have live music! If you’re homesick and need a little taste of America, then this is your spot!

Anjuna Beach

Twenty five minutes up the coast from Nice, this secret bay is a must see! Rent a lounge chair for the day and sip on mojitos or come for dinner and party into the night. I recommend stopping by this spot on the day you visit Eze Village. Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney have graced this establishment with their presence and if it’s good enough for Leo then its good enough for me.

Le Bar Du Coin

Nestled in the central plaza of Nice, the atmosphere is ideal and the food is perfection.


La Voglia

One of the best pizzas I will probably ever have in my life. Lasagna was delicious too!





Twenty minutes from Nice and one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. This little village is nestled on top of a hillside on the French Riviera overlooking the ocean. It is absolutely breathtaking. Parking is limited, so I recommend taking the bus (Google Maps is a necessity on your trip) Stone staircases and paths wind through the village as you pass boutiques, art galleries, cafes, and a stunning hotel. At the top lies a botanical garden with unobstructed views of the ocean. You feel as though you have been transported back to the middle ages. This is an experience you do not want to miss!



Hands down, my favorite destination from our entire trip. This beach is my heaven on Earth. Located on the Saint Jean Cap Ferrat peninsula, surrounded by lush greenery and estates you’ve only seen in movies. Plus it has its own private diving board! Most of the French coastline is rocky (we are spoiled with our sandy beaches in the US), so I recommend paying $70 for a chair and umbrella for the day. Renting a chair also gives you access to the restaurant and bar. However, there is a free public area as well. I could go on about this little slice of heaven for days! Rent yourself a chair, order a glass of rose, pinch yourself for being in this paradise, and thank me later!



I had such high hopes for Monaco and hate to say that I was pretty disappointed. Monaco is pristine and beautiful, but it is pretty much a Beverly Hills on the water. Designer stores and luxury hotels line the coastline, so be prepared to spend spend spend!

(Monte Carlo Casino)



Known for their world famous film festival, Cannes is known for celebrities and glamour. Enjoy a peaceful stroll along the harbor or visit the tower in Old Town for panoramic views. Antibes has wide, long, sandy beaches and after days of stumbling over rocks this was amazing! The beaches are public and offer a chance to feel like a true local!



If you are not on a budget and want to see how the other half lives, then St. Tropez is the place for you! Mega yachts off the coast, designer stores on every corner, five star luxury hotels, and overpriced everything. Nikki Beach and Bagatelle are infamous party spots where you can enjoy both day drinking and parties well into the early morning. Book your restaurant reservations early because these definitely hot spots! If you want to avoid crying from your credit card bill, then make your way to Le Plage des Graniers, a public beach just south of downtown.

DIOR Des Leces in St. Tropez





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Hi friends! I turned 25 and celebrated my blogs two year anniversary this summer, so I figure what better way to celebrate than to get a little more personal! I love sharing my OOTDs and beauty tips, but the goal has always been to get real with you guys. We see peoples ‘perfect’ lives every day on social media, but I am here to tell ya that I am FAR from perfect! Life is too damn short to compare your body, relationship, job, etc. to the rest of the world.

This post is the first of many that will be no bulls**t.  I will be sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to all aspects of my life. Nothing will be off limits. I will discuss everything from wedding planning, working a corporate job, running a blog, living with my fiancé, and more.

But before I blindside you with these heavy topics, here are 25 FACTS ABOUT ME….

  1. I have an extreme obsession with Dr. Pepper
  2. I got a tattoo when I was 19 that I am in the process of removing. The tattoo cost me $120 to get and will cost me $2,000 to remove, so I hate my nineteen year old self.
  3. I believe in God
  4. My feet turn outwards, so I walk like a penguin
  5. ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is my favorite movie
  6. My thumbs are double jointed
  7. I’ve been skydiving and I would do it a thousand more times
  8. I would have 10 kids if I could
  9. I LOVE overplayed Top 100 radio songs
  10. When I am a housewife, I want to be exactly like Tamara Judge from the Real Housewives of Orange County
  11. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelors of Science in Public Health
  12. I was born in San Louis Obispo but raised in Aliso Viejo CA since the age of two
  13. I’ve never broken a bone (knock on wood)
  14. I am a TOTAL homebody
  15. The beach is where I am happiest
  16. My dream job is to be a medical examiner
  17. I am a Dodgers and UCLA. It is in my blood to dislike all Trojans and Angels
  18. My favorite book is East of Eden
  19. My last meal would be In n Out
  20. I have one sister who is 9 1/2 years older than me
  21. My biggest pet peeve is when people are not held accountable for their actions
  22. I got a boob job senior year college and it was one of the  best decisions I’ve ever made
  23. I hate sea world, zoos, and any place where animals are held captive
  24. I curse like a sailor
  25. I am beyond thankful to have anyone interested enough to read through this entire list



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As most of you know, RICHIE AND I ARE ENGAGED! We are so blessed to be sharing this time with all the wonderful people in our lives and are enjoying every moment!

Richie and I met roughly 10 years ago through family friends, but didn’t start dating until seven years later.  We were at a Fourth of July party that our families attend every year, when something just clicked. A few days later, we went on our first date and the rest is history!

I was in college when we started dating and since then I have grown so much thanks to him. We make up for each others shortcomings, compliment each other, and make a damn good team! As time goes on, Richie continues to make me feel secure, loved, and confident in who I am spending the rest of my life with. He is a genuinely good man, which (trust me) that is hard to find nowadays! Richie has changed me for the better and I cannot wait to call him my husband. Still crazy to know that we are GETTING MARRIED!!

Richie asked me to marry him on a small boat in the harbor of Positano, Italy. It was just the two of us and by far the most magical moment of my life. He asked my parents’ permission, got my ring size from my best friend, and chose the shape (pear) I have always wanted. He put so much time and thought into making everything perfect for both of us. Well almost perfect…. Richie dropped the ring while on one knee trying to put it on my finger. One more bounce and my beautiful engagement ring would’ve been lost at sea! It makes for a fun story now, but at the time we nearly had a heart attack!

After I said yes (of course), we sailed up the Amalfi Coast to a hidden beach called Fiordo de Fuere. We anchored next to new friends from Greece and Australia, popped champagne, jumped off the surrounding cliffs, and entered engagement bliss.  And yes, I was one of those basic girls who posted a ring shot as soon as I found WiFi. Hey, when you’ve been waiting for this moment and its better than you’ve ever imagined, you want to scream it from the rooftops!


(Fun Fact: I wanted Richie to buy a speedo thinking it was very “European” and all the guys would be wearing them……he was usually the only one in a speedo….)


We have decided to settle into our new lives, save some money, and enjoy the engagement chapter without rushing into planning! Our wedding will take place Fall 2019 in Southern California. I will be sharing the entire planning process and if you have any recommendations for a bride-to-be please let me know! I can use all the help I can get!

Thank you for those who take the time to learn about my life through this blog!

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”~When Harry Met Sally 


Caroline Rose 


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It’s that time of year again when dressing room selfies and ‘try-on sessions’ are flooding your social media channels. Yup, you guessed it…THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE IS HERE! I went back and forth deciding if I wanted to do a write up, because quite frankly, all the thousands of posts are becoming obnoxious.  Only so many people can say “OH MY GOSH THESE OVER THE KNEE BOOTS ARE AMAZING AND YOU HAVE TO GET THEM NOW BECAUSE THEY WILL SELL OUT.” 

But if you don’t want to sort through dozens of pages of merchandise, then you can shop my favorites below or under my ‘SHOP’ tab! This sale features all brand new and pre-fall pieces that are on markdown, so it really is the best time to stock up on essentials! Denim, leather jackets, and boots are my go-to pieces. And if you’ve been eyeing a designer piece, now is the time to treat yo self! Enough rambling,  here are my TOP PICKS….





Remember that there is more to life than buying a sweater for $30 OFF, so get outside and enjoy your weekend!

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by!


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Lifestyle / Jul 19, 2017 /

In the past two months, I traveled through Europe, got engaged, relocated to a new city, moved in with a significant other for the first time, started a ‘traditional’ job, and turned the dreaded 25 (yup, I’m officially a quarter through life and feel like I have few things figured out).

There were so many life changing moments in such a short amount of time, I wanted to be 100% present for all of them. Hence, why I decided to take a break from posting on the blog. Now that I am settling into my new normal, I am feeling re-inspired and ready to get back to what I love most!

I am doing a whole post about my relationship with Richie and our engagement, so keep an eye out for that this week! I will say that Richie nailed the proposal, every detail of my wedding has been planned for years, and my friends are the happiest because I am no longer obsessing over when he will ask. Congrats to all my fellow bride-to-be’s!

Richie graduated from dental school in June after over 9 years of schooling. I have never seen someone with so much determination and genuine love for his career. I feel so privileged to be by his side as he continues to grow and succeed. If I haven’t lost you after that cheesiness, then let’s get to the good stuff…

We’re living in downtown Denver and couldn’t be happier with our spot. We’re both born and raised in Orange County, so moving to a new state semi-permanently, was already a big transition for us (plus I have never experienced seasons, so wish me luck during winter).

Onto the actual logistics of moving in with someone. First tip! You both need to sort through all of your things BEFORE you move in. Might seem like common sense but we missed the boat on that one. This whole week has been a scene out of When Harry Met Sally, going 10 rounds over everything from a coffee table to Richie’s basketball from high school. Second tip! Pick your battles and don’t be a hoarder. Realize that less is more, and it is more exciting to create a new space together instead of keeping everything from the past. I will not sugar coat it, it has been difficult. Allow yourselves a couple weeks to adapt, then everything will settle into place.

I’ll be honest, I do not like change. “Change is good, change builds character….” I understand all that, but I am and always will be a creature of habit. So, although all of these changes are wonderful, it is A LOT to process. I know I am not the only one going through these same transitions. Figuring out how to somewhat “adult” is not easy my friends!

I look forward to sharing more of my personal life as it continues to evolve! Also, I will gladly accept any Denver/Colorado recommendations you guys have! Thank you so much for reading! XX